30-Day Mindfulness Pledge

Upcoming Pledge Dates 2018
Spring: TBA
Fall: TBA


In the spring and fall of each year, TMC (Toronto Mindfulness Community) offers an opportunity to participate in the 30-Day Mindfulness Pledge.  The 30-Day Pledge involves choosing one or several commitments that one pledges to practice for the thirty days. Examples of these commitments are: meditating a set amount of time per day; physical activity; reading about mindfulness and meditation; volunteering; and so on. In the past, participants have found this to be invaluable and deeply beneficial. Many have said that being apart of the 30-Day Pledge was a profound experience and inspired them to continue a regular mindfulness meditation practice.

During these 30 days, we meet after our regular Friday meditation class to check in to see how we’re doing. (If one is not able to meet in person, one can participate on Skype). Making a commitment such as this along side others is very powerful in helping to bring energy and clarity to our practice and our lives. Within the group, we get to see that our challenges and struggles are also other people’s challenges and struggles. We learn from and support each other in small and large ways that point us toward a life directed by conscious choice and awareness — instead of habitual old patterns that no longer serve ourselves or others.

We encourage everyone, beginners and long-time practitioners, to be part of this helpful and rewarding program.

If you wish to participate in the 30-Day Mindfulness Pledge and are not able to attend the meetings, please email Theodore at:

mindfulness@sittingatthegate.ca to receive the Pledge form and connect with TMC Skype.

Wishing  you  all  health,  peace  and  happiness.


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