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Through the Toronto Mindfulness Community and his other teaching activities, Theodore offers us all extraordinary opportunities to strengthen and deepen our individual practice. As an extension of these activities, we have a vision for constructing a retreat cabin in Owen Sound, which would be used as a venue for personal retreats. Personal Retreats have roots in the antiquity of many cultures and traditions.  They are a wonderful opportunity to deepen meditation practice in a quiet and safe atmosphere, away from daily routines and responsibilities. Personal retreats can be anywhere from 1 to 10 days in length, and the focus and schedule of the retreat can be structured to fit personal needs. There would also be opportunities to meet with a teacher for guidance during a personal retreat. All personal retreats in the cabin would be organised under Theodore’s guidance.

This project requires the raising of funds for materials, and volunteers to help build the retreat cabin. We plan to begin construction of the cabin in May 2017.  The cabin will be a self-contained space for meditation practice, sleeping, and basic cooking. Outside the cabin, there will be a small outdoor area for walking meditation, which will be entirely enclosed by a fence. There will also be an outdoor composting toilet and an outdoor shower. Ideally, solar panels will be used to provide light and an energy source.





Our fundraising will proceed in two phases:

PHASE 1: Our preliminary fundraising target is $5000. This includes the two most important elements of the project: the cabin and the fence. The breakdown of the budget is as follows for this first phase of the project:

  • Retreat cabin: $3000
  • Fence: $2000

PHASE 2: After the cabin and fence have been completed, we will also need to consider funds for the following items:

  • Bathroom/shower/kitchen (Estimated cost $2000)
  • Walking meditation path (gravel, stones) – Estimated cost $1000
  • Garden (plants, soil) – Estimated cost $1000
  • Solar panels – Estimated cost $300-1000


If you wish to contribute to this project, you may make a donation in any of the following ways:

  • Direct deposit into the retreat cabin fundraising bank account: A bank account has been opened at RBC for fundraising purposes. If you wish to make a deposit directly into the account, please contact Andrea Paras or Anita Fast at torontomindfulnesscommunity@gmail.com to get the account number. You can make your deposit in person at any RBC branch.
  • E-transfer:  You can e-transfer your donation to torontomindfulnesscommunity@gmail.com and Andrea or Anita will deposit your donation directly into the fundraising account.
  • PayPal: Please click on this PayPal link to transfer your donation directly into the retreat cabin fundraising bank account.



  • Donation box at TMC: There is a donation box that is available every Friday at TMC, which is designated for retreat cabin donations.


Please contact Andrea Paras or Anita Fast (torontomindfulnesscommunity@gmail.comif you wish to assist with fundraising efforts.


Please contact Nathan Carey (nathanjcarey@gmail.com), Kim Ingall (thomingall@sympatico.ca), or Bruno Gilas (bgilas@gmail.com) if you wish to help with construction. We are looking for anyone with basic construction skills or an ability to assist with general labour!