One-Day Mindfulness Retreat | Saturday November 29th, 2014

Facilitated by Theodore Tsaousidis

This retreat is open to all those who have had previous meditation experience and those who have participated in MBSR or MBCT mindfulness workshops.

The one-day program will teach simple mindfulness meditations and also review the practices taught in the MBSR classes (Mindfulness for stress taught throughout North America). The retreat is about learning to integrate mindfulness in our daily lives. Some of the practices we will review are sitting meditation, mindful movement and walking meditation, mindful eating, and listening to short lectures. There will also be opportunity for both private and group Q & A periods.

*Pre-registration for this course is required.

Please email Theodore at – theodore@sittingatthegate.ca for more information and registration.

Phone: (647) 439-1985
Time: 12am to 6pm
Location: 662 Pape Avenue (side entrance) Presbyterian Church

5 minute walk from Pape Subway Station.

Parking: Green-P parking and Street Parking near the Church.

Cost: $40 or according to your means

This is a silent retreat with teaching in between meditations. This is a good opportunity to practice and ask questions and to discover ways to apply mindfulness and meditation techniques to your everyday life.

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Zen flower loto in water

“Mindfulness is the cultivation of Active Presence through disciplined practice which enables us to enter into a space of pure observation or awareness. With time and practice we develop the ability to be present to thoughts and emotions as they arise. We learn to sit and observe without judgment – or the compulsion to react. As we sit without judgment, we develop clarity of mind. We learn to see through habits and conditioning that have gathered around us over time and experience. We learn to see through these distortions to the unique sensations, emotions and thoughts that arise moment by moment from our own embodied experience. We see who we truly are.

When we see the depth of ourselves, we are empowered to make choices that are authentic to us.”

- Theodore Tsaousidis