Welcome to Toronto Mindfulness Community (TMC), a secular meditation community. Toronto Mindfulness Community offers meditation classes and talks in an effort to provide our community with a helpful and safe environment to explore mindfulness meditation and healing practices.

This group has been founded to assist and guide individuals and communities on their journey toward discovery and recognition of true nature, health and peace.

Everyone is welcome.

Below are a few helpful guidelines for your first visit to TMC’s online classes:    


There is a set structure for the virtual classes. This entails four parts:  1) sitting meditation;  2) guidance on standing, movement, or walking meditation; (if you should need to use the bathroom or take a drink of water, please wait to do so until the standing/movement/walking meditation begins. This maintains a respectful cohesion for everyone for the duration of the class); 3)  sitting meditation, and 4) teaching/talk. 

Don’t worry about making a mistake. After a few classes, it will feel more natural. We have all been “first visitors” at some point. 

You are welcome to send any questions or comments to the teacher, Theodore Tsaousidis, at


Sitting still (without moving) can be challenging in the beginning — knowing how to sit correctly reduces discomfort and distraction for yourself and others. If you are not familiar with how to sit correctly in meditation using either a cushion or a chair, please click on this link for further guidance. The aim is to be as comfortable as possible, rather than achieving a particular posture. 


As much as possible, try to notice and then drop your judgments and expectations of what you think should be happening or what you think you should be learning. Just receive whatever resonates with you and leave the rest. We encourage sincere and honest investigation of all things learned and experienced. This includes being open to thoughts, feelings and sensations as they arise when meditating. Thoughts, feelings and sensations are a natural and normal part of the meditation experience — NOT A PROBLEM OR A FAILURE.  The tools of meditation teach you how to respond to all the above — your fears, anxiety, discomfort…… and so on. 

DON’T GIVE UP.  Meditation is not about being relaxed and/or in a state of bliss. It may feel

strange or awkward at first. Your thinking mind will continue to think, your muscles may want to move. You may start thinking that meditation is not for you. IT IS. It may be helpful for you

to take an introductory course in mindfulness meditation. Details are on this website. 


A few rules of etiquette:

1) Please refrain from distracting behaviours such as talking, moving, using electronics, etc. for the entire duration of the class, as it is disruptive for yourself and others. If you must move, move as quietly and mindfully as possible. 

2) Please have your microphone muted and your camera on during the whole class.

3) We request that you not ask questions or comment when the teacher is speaking. 

You may email Theodore about any questions or comments you may have at


Understanding Dana/Donation: Dana is a practice of generosity which means giving from the heart according to your means. The amount is not as important as the heart attitude in which it is given. It should be given in gratitude for the teachings, the teacher, and the opportunity to practice together in this space. (

These guidelines have been provided to help support you in your meditation journey. Further information on introductory mindfulness courses and other helpful resources can be found on our upcoming workshops and retreats page.

Have a great class!