Advanced Mindfulness: Rewards and Challenges

Four-Week Program

Facilitated by Theodore Tsaousidis

Although “mindfulness” can be used for relief of stress, depression, anxiety and pain management, it can be deepened beyond the level of techniques. As such, a wider range of benefits can be realized and sustained. Without further cultivation, the benefits previously attained from mindfulness, may become less fruitful and even stagnant.

This program will help participants explore mindfulness “post” MBSR/MBCT Workshops and within the holistic framework of knowledge, practice, experience, and structured personal guidance.

The MBSR or MBCT Program (facilitated by a qualified teacher) must be completed before applying for this advanced course.

This is Level 1 of three levels.

Next Program is offered:

April 22, 29, May 6, 13 – Register by April 10


Please email Theodore to arrange a brief consultation to determine whether this course will be appropriate and beneficial for you at this time.

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